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About Us

Blue Moon Communications is a very different type of Communications Skills Company. All of our training is based on cutting edge Cognitive Linguistic Architecture, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and an Arsenal of Copyrighted Communications Skills Techniques created by Carol Anne Lowe, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the communications industry. At Blue Moon, we have created a powerhouse of unique and easy to use systems which build on your personal strengths, whilst eliminating any negatives that may be holding you back. Whether you want to be coached and mentored in:
  • Becoming an Excellent Communicator or Presenter
  • Eliminating Fears and Building Your Confidence
  • Building your Corporate or Personal Brand
  • Re-imagining your Business Marketing Strategy
  • Next Generation Confidence and Skills for Young Adults
  • Business or Governmental Leadership Skills
  • Becoming an Excellent Negotiator
We understand the importance of clear communication to your business and personal success and the value it holds for the success of your inter-personal relationships. Blue Moon Communications works in partnership with the finest network of experts in order to fulfill all of your communications needs. We can educate you in the pro-active communication skills you need to advance your career, or we can coach you in promoting yourself, your company and your brand to the wider business community. Here are just a few things Blue Moon Communications’ clients have to say about the significant results they have achieved from working with us: Testimonials. If you would like to have FREE COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS information sent directly to your inbox, Please Sign Up here.