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Blue Moon Communications

At Blue Moon Communications, we understand the importance of clear communication in business. We work in partnership with the finest network of experts to help you to create powerful presentations or the perfect sales pitch.

Our Services

  • Leadership Programmes
  • Media Training
  • Negotiation Skills Training
  • Networking Skills Training
  • Sales Strategies and Skills Training
  • Meeting Room Strategies
  • PR & Marketing
  • Brand Creation
  • Message Development
  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Confidence Building
  • Fear Management
  • Communications Skills
  • Body Language
  • Interview Skills
  • Rapport Techniques
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Meditation Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentations Skills
  • Speech Creation & Delivery

Our Clients

  • Individuals who want to achieve their FULL potential
  • Teams across all sectors
  • Small to Medium Size Enterprises
  • Private Sector Organisations
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • National and Local Governments
  • Strategic Executive Personnel in Multi-Nationals including:
    • CEO’s
    • Managing Directors
    • Executive Directors
    • Global Market Strategists
    • Heads of Compliance
    • Heads of Innovation
    • Fund Managers
    • Middle Management being trained for leadership

Why We’re Different

At Blue Moon Communications, we do NOT offer off-the-shelf training.

Every programme is bespoke and is created specifically for each of our clients using an arsenal of unique, easy-to-learn systems which are a ‘MUST HAVE’ powerhouse resource for any pro-active team.

All of our training incorporates the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming, alongside Master Stagecraft Techniques and the Blue Moon Communications’ copyrighted arsenal of communications systems.

At Blue Moon Communications, we know what creates a persona of success and in personal terms, political terms and business terms, what sells and how to sell it!

That’s why our clients are so successful!

Here are just a few things Blue Moon Communications’ clients have to say about the significant results they have achieved from working with us:

*Please note that all of our client information is held in the strictest of confidence

The best investment I have ever made in myself, for myself.

Managing Director — Services Company

Since working with Carol Anne Lowe and Blue Moon Communications I have recommended her to my wife, my two children, three of my relatives, my priest (who was terrified of speaking in public) a vast number of my colleagues, most of my friends and now I strongly recommend her to you! If you need to communicate ‘anything to anyone’ she is the one who can show you how.


Carol Anne Lowe is the best value my company has ever had. We hired her to help us make presentations but we now build her in to our budget every year. She and her team are now an intrinsic part of our continued business success on every front.

Managing Director – Services

Blue Moon Communications and the extraordinary skills of Carol Anne Lowe will change your life and give you the tools to be the best that you and your company can be.

Business Owner

Charismatic, dynamic and charming, Carol Anne Lowe combined an extraordinary arsenal of skills and abilities with her highly intelligent insight into human nature to deliver one of the most powerful seminars I have ever had the good luck to attend.

Vice President — US Corporation

I remember during a seminar hear Carol Anne Lowe say “Let Your Voice Be The Power Of Your Company”… well now it is! Our company brings in 100% more business now because we know what to say and how to say it.

Business Owner

Excellent value for money.

Business Owner — Insurance & Finance

As one of the most masterful communicators I have seen or heard, Carol Anne exemplifies what it is to “Be The Best”. It is Carol Anne’s example which can only inspire confidence that what you see is what you get. “The Best”.

Business Owner and Entrepreneur

I’ve worked with Carol Anne on a number of occasions in the area of presentation skills and public speaking training. I find Carol Anne to be a person of the highest integrity and professionalism. She thinks of everything, attends to every detail impeccably and always over delivers on my expectations. She is also a lovely person and it’s fun working with her.

CEO Europe — Global Corporation

Everyone should have at least one coaching session with Carol Anne Lowe! In just one session she worked with me and provided me with dynamic but simple advice and exercises that have enhanced my communication skills. I have recommended Carol Anne to many of my friends!

Successful Job Applicant

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