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Business Promotion

Carol Anne Lowe video

Promoting your business is not about what you want to sell… it’s about what others are willing to buy.

That’s why here at Blue Moon Communications we engage the science behind the best business communications Strategies, Public Relations and Marketing Strategies, to help your company to engage with the media in pro-active strategies, which gets you on the radar and ultimately gets you and your company remembered.

Blue Moon Communications can show you how to maximise the benefits of your current business relationships with partners and clients and teach you how to access new customer bases and engage them in positive promotions which will have an impact on your bottom line.

Our company could never have achieved the successes of the past year without Carol Anne Lowe. She is now integrated as a MUST on our budget every year as she constantly improves our bottom line. We initially hired her as a communications mentor but her business strategist expertise has guaranteed our survival in a very difficult year.

Company Owner – Retail

The art of managing a successful business and the art of marketing and promoting a successful business are entirely different skill sets.

When you know how to maximise your brand’s potential, maximise your USP’s and maximise your Brand Alliances, you have guaranteed your business a major advantage in improving your bottom line.

We Will Train You to:

  • Sell Your Company In Any Market
  • Market Your Brand
  • Create Strong Marketing Messages
  • Develop And Use Unique Selling Points
  • Design Winning Sales Pitches
  • Maximise Your Brand Potential
  • Build On Your Existing Client Base
  • Build New Client Bases
  • Develop PR Strategies
  • Develop Marketing Strategies
  • Use Pro-Active Single Messaging
  • Write Strong And Engaging Press Releases

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