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Carol Anne Lowe

Carol Anne Lowe – CEO and Founder of Blue Moon Communications

Carol Anne Lowe

Carol Anne Lowe is the dynamic founder and CEO of Blue Moon Communications. As the mastermind behind the political and business leadership programme The God ComplexTM, which is renowned for achieving political success in the most difficult of circumstances, she is often referred to by her International clients as ‘The King Maker’.

Carol Anne is also renowned as an International Opera Singer, (Covent Garden and La Scala) Actress, Award Nominated Writer, TV Producer, Stage Personality and TV Host.

Carol Anne Lowe has Mentored and Coached Business Leaders and World leaders since 1999. During that time she has built an arsenal of copyrighted training manuals and courses that are used worldwide.

Course Building

Her employment and re-skilling courses were so successful during the recession that they were turned into a TV series called ‘Get That Job’. Her new books ‘5 Minute Mentor’, ‘Job Hunter’, ‘The Hex Factor’ and ‘The God Complex’ are due for release in 2018.

Media Messaging

Carol Anne has personally created media messaging, strategic negotiations and restructure of local government for several Political World Leaders. (UK. Germany. USA. South Africa. Ireland.)

Global Up-Scaling

In 2015 and 2016 she built the strategic plans that grew three companies to achieve Public Offerings in the US; and was the Innovation designer behind several companies that up-scaled into the US and Asia Pacific.


Carol Anne has designed new Business Innovations, Brands and Marketing Campaigns for Multi-Nationals, International Franchises, Quality Organisations, Professional Associations, SME’s and Governments.


  • Several World Political Leaders – UK. Germany. USA. South Africa. Ireland.
  • Several Governments – UK. Germany. Ireland.
  • Several Local Authority City Managers in Ireland and UK.
  • Several Financial Institutions, Fund Management Houses, Investment houses.
  • Strategic Executive Personnel in Multi-Nationals including: CEO’s, Managing Directors, Heads of Compliance, Heads of Innovation, Finance Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors, Fund Managers, Global Market Directors and Middle Managers being trained for leadership.

Carol Anne is currently coaching and mentoring in the following disciplines:

  • Confidence Building
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Style – Change and Modification
  • Management style – Change and Modification
  • Communication style – Change and Modification
  • Corporate Up-scaling – Innovate, Build and Structure
  • Corporate Management Structures – Creating, Strategising and Re-vitalising
  • Corporate Management structures – Successful Implementation and Communication
  • Corporate Management structures – Creating the Teams of the Future from Within Your Organisation
  • Crisis Management Tool – The Effective Pro-active Tool for Business Innovation
  • Conflict Management – Achieving Desired Outcomes with minimum Negative Impact
  • Sales Strategies – Re-designing to maximum effect
  • Marketing – Identifying and matching the needs of your market
  • Media Messaging – Creation of Effective Messaging that Achieves – Specific Results
  • Media Training: – Master Stagecraft Techniques
  • Media Training: – Televised Q&A – Prep, Technique and Delivery;
  • Media Training: – Debates – Prep, Technique and Delivery.
  • Media Training: – Teleprompt Techniques
  • Speeches – Creation and Effective Delivery
  • Presentations – Creation, Delivery and Outcome
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Techniques that achieve buy-in and build strong relationships
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Effective Interactions with Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Effective Self Interactions that achieve personal Success
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Business modelling Tool
  • Meisterschaft Meditation Technique – Business Solutions Tool
  • Transcendental Meditation Technique – Minimise Stress Levels

How Blue Moon Was Born

Whilst singing at Dublin Castle during a state visit in 1997, Carol Anne was approached by a leading US politician, who asked if she could teach him to mesmerise an audience and speak with confidence, conviction and passion.

Thus began an incredible career in communications and the birth of her company, Blue Moon Communications.

Throughout Europe, South Africa, United States and Ireland, Carol Anne has worked with many leading Politicians, Managing Directors & CEO’s at structuring the perfect message and delivering it to the people with power and conviction.

Incorporating the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming, alongside Master Stagecraft Techniques and the Blue Moon Communications’ copyrighted arsenal of communications systems, enables every one of the clients she works with to reach their FULL potential quickly.

30 years of performance on the world’s leading Operatic Stages, and Success as an actress (she created the character of Francesca in RTE’s Fair City and the award nominated storyline) leads to an incredibly interesting and dynamic woman.

As a performer, Carol Anne Lowe certainly knows how to engage an audience and tell a tale, but as an expert in the field of communications, Carol Anne knows what creates a persona of success, why people follow a leader and in personal terms, political terms and business terms, what sells and how to sell it!

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