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Interpersonal Communications

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Interpersonal Communication skills or ‘people skills’ as they are otherwise known, are like oxygen to your career.

People who get on easily with co-workers and bosses actually earn more money and move up the career ladder much faster than those who don’t.

At Blue Moon Communications we know that if your inter-personal skills are not working for you, you can change them. You can learn the responses that will get you the reactions you need, in order for you to succeed in whatever area of your life you choose.

Just as we may have to change our ‘people skills’ in order to deal successfully with people from other language backgrounds, religions and cultures, we may also need to change our interpersonal skills to interact with a difficult boss or colleague or in fact, just to ‘get ahead’.

Since working with Carol Anne Lowe and Blue Moon Communications I have recommended her to my wife, my two children, three of my relatives, my priest, a vast number of my colleagues, most of my friends and now I strongly recommend her to you! If you need to communicate ‘anything to anyone’ then she is the one who can show you how.


None of us are born with our ‘People Skills’ in place.

Our interpersonal skills come directly from our family relationships and from other people who have had influence in our lives. Therefore, our skills are merely a learned set of responses to various recognised stimuli and interactions, which can be changed.

At Blue Moon Communications, we have created an easy and unique system which allows you to interact to your best advantage, whether that is with your team at work or when meeting new people.

We Will Train You to:

  • Interact Easily And With Confidence
  • Build Effective Relationships
  • Know How To Make Others Feel Comfortable
  • Give Balanced Responses
  • Interact Confidently In Groups
  • Adapt Your Body Language
  • Pick Up On Other Peoples Signals

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