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Interviews – Training

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Good Interview Skills are an integral part of moving up the corporate ladder. Whether you are in the public or private domain, great interview skills are the key to fulfilling your potential.

At Blue Moon Communications we have created an easy, unique system which teaches you how to communicate your abilities in a positive way.

To do well at interview, you need to fulfil the three basic requirements that every interviewer has:

  1. You need to have the ability to do the job well
  2. You need to be able to communicate this ability clearly
  3. You need to seem like the kind of person that the interviewer could like and respect.

We’ll take you through all of the key interview questions and show you the answers that work and why. And we’ll tell you the most important question that every interviewer wants an answer to… but few people ever prepare for.

We’ll teach you the necessary rapport techniques, interpersonal skills and communication skills that will optimise your opportunity to get the job and we’ll build on your innate strengths and erase any negatives that may be holding you back.

The underlying goal of all training at Blue Moon Communications is to build your confidence and control, so that you can Be The Best.

We Will Train You to:

  • Prepare Successful Interviews
  • Use The USP’s Which Make You The Right Person For The Job
  • Turn A Negative To A Positive
  • Control Your Nerves
  • Sell Your Abilities
  • Use Interview Etiquette
  • Use Rapport Techniques
  • Answer The Most Important Questions At Interview
  • Understand And Prepare For Behavioural Interview Techniques

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