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When you sound like a leader and behave like a leader, you will be treated like a leader.

Blue Moon Communications has combined our unique expertise in Pro-active Media Interaction, Crisis Management, Speech Making, Inter-Personal Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming to enable you to play to your strengths and become recognised as a true leader.

Great leaders must appear to be assertive but fair, strong but likable, confident but open to opinion and charismatic but approachable.

Our unique Leadership program is a powerhouse resource for any communicator and has helped many political and business leaders around the world, to communicate with power, authority, style and ease.

I’ve worked with Carol Anne on a number of occasions in the area of presentation skills and public speaking training. I find Carol Anne to be a person of the highest integrity and professionalism. She thinks of everything, attends to every detail impeccably and always over delivers on my expectations. She is also a lovely person and it’s fun working with her.

Managing Director – Recruitment

Blue Moon Communications will educate you to communicate with greater confidence and expertise and we’ll help you to create a more influential and compounding presentation, speech, interview, negotiation or conversation.

Since working with Carol Anne Lowe and Blue Moon Communications I have recommended her to my wife, my two children, three of my relatives, my priest (who was terrified of speaking in public) a vast number of my colleagues, most of my friends and now I strongly recommend her to you! If you need to communicate ‘anything to anyone’ she is the one who can show you how.


Blue Moon Communications Have Trained And Mentored Leaders In The Following Areas:

  • Creating Innate Charisma
  • Pro-active Media Interaction,
  • Crisis Management,
  • Compelling Use Of Language
  • Dynamic Speech-Making,
  • Master Stagecraft Techniques
  • Inter-Personal Communication Skills,
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Enabled learning Through NLP
  • Personal Development
  • Commanding Attention
  • Self Confidence

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