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Market Your Business SME’s

Marketing is not about what you want to sell… it’s about what others are willing to buy

Carol Anne Lowe, MD
Blue Moon Communications

This course is for Business Owners, Professionals or anyone who wants to Market Themselves, their Business or their Service.

This course is a powerhouse of Smart Marketing Tools and PR strategies to get you on the radar and ultimately get you remembered.

It is easy to forget that in a smaller company you are the brand. Blue Moon Communications re-focused me and sharpened my awareness of both my brand and the power I have to market it.

Business Owner — Retail

At Blue Moon Communications we have created an easy, unique system, which engages the science behind the best marketing strategies, whilst showing you how to sell yourself or your company within any market.

When you know how to maximise your brand’s potential, maximise your USP’s and utilise your Brand Alliances to maximum advantage you have guaranteed yourself and your business the maximum opportunity to improve your bottom line in any marketplace.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Market Your Brand
  • Create Strong Marketing Messages
  • Develop And Use Unique Selling Points
  • Design A Sales Elevator Pitch
  • Develop PR Strategies
  • Develop Marketing Strategies
  • Use Pro-Active Single Messaging
  • Write An Engaging Press Release

We only accept a small number of people on each course, so, you get a huge amount of one-on-one training.

Course Schedule Cost Course Duration Booking
Feb 16, 2018 €895 1 Day Book Course
Book Course
Mar 28, 2018 €895 1 Day Book Course
Book Course

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