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Media Training

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Blue Moon Communications will train you to create a sound bite that gets heard, gets played, gets column inches and ultimately, gets you and your company remembered.

Blue Moon Communications has developed something unique in the world of media training: An easy, unique system which engages the science behind creating the perfect message, whilst educating you in the art of delivering that message to its best advantage.

Blue Moon has honed its expertise in Message Development, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Presentation Skills and Master Stagecraft Techniques to create a ‘must have’ powerhouse resource for anyone who needs to interact with the media.

My ability to communicate with the media has changed dramatically in the most positive way. Although I was always confident in my business skills, I was never confident in my personal ability to promote my organisation. But Blue Moon Communications has changed that. I now readily offer myself for interview on TV and Radio and do so with a feeling of confidence.

Manager – Public Organisation

When you give the right strategic message and express it in a way that is easily quoted, you are guaranteeing yourself the best advantage to being quoted and portrayed positively in the final media product.

Whether you work as a Press Officer, a Communications Manager/Director or are tasked with giving interviews to the press, Blue Moon Communications will teach you how to Structure the perfect message and deliver it with power and conviction.

We Will Train You to:

  • Do More Than Just Answer The Questions
  • Give Strong ‘On Message’ Interviews
  • Speak With Clarity
  • Look Comfortable And Sound Relaxed On TV
  • Engage With The Demands Of Different Media
  • Deal With Nerves
  • Deal With Difficult Questions
  • Deal With Hostile Interviewers
  • Be Proficient In ‘Down The Line’ Interviews

Media Communication Skills

  • Radio And TV Interview Skills
  • Print Media Skills
  • Speechwriting – Creating And Presenting Successful Speeches
  • Specialised Teleprompter Training

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