Next Generation

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NEXT GENERATION is a series of mid-term break training courses designed specifically to give young adults the confidence and ability to excel in their transition, 5th year, 6th year and university studies.


These unique courses are designed to help teenagers to recognise and build on their own personal strengths, whilst eliminating any negative habits that may be holding them back.


NEXT GENERATION has been created specifically to bridge the gap every young adult will cross in their transition from the world of school and study to the successful future you would like them to have.


Course Venue:                RDS, Dublin

Course Times:                 10am – 5pm

Course Duration:             3 days

Course price:                   €750

There are 3 easy steps to booking your course

Step Number ONE – Look through the 9 modules of NEXT GENERATION

Show Me The Money!

Could-a, Would-a, Should-a

Galaxy Guru

The X Factory

Stand and Deliver

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Acting for TV

Acting for Stage

Lie To Me

Step Number TWO – Tell us who you are and what 3 modules are of interest to you

Next Generation

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