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Using our ‘Single Message Strategy’, Blue Moon Communications has shaped the message and written the quotes and sound bites, which journalists and the community at large have reproduced and talked about in national newspapers, radio and TV.

In fact you, personally, may be offering strategic news interpretations or using positive ‘buzz’ words today, which Blue Moon Communications created yesterday.

Blue Moon Communications has created a powerhouse of Smart Marketing Tools, Message Development and PR strategies to get your company on the radar and ultimately get you remembered.

At Blue Moon Communications, every piece of PR is created specifically to do the right job for you and your company. We create unique, strategised PR & Marketing plans, which address what you want to achieve on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Case Study – Excellence Ireland Quality Association (EIQA)

How Do You Take a Brand Straight To The Top?
Get Them To Jump The Q!

EIQA ‘Excellence Ireland Quality Association’ is Ireland’s leading certification body. Established in 1969, it currently audits thousands of organisations on an annual basis, both nationally and internationally.

Driven by their inherent belief that all companies should adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence, EIQA wanted to expand their quality and excellence standards throughout a wider range of companies and organisations.

However there was one thing standing in their way; EIQA were only known to the fortunate companies who had already benefitted from their excellent continuous improvement programs. This was a huge hurdle to jump.

We needed to engage in a strategy that could create immediate brand recognition throughout the country, in every consumer, partner and client.

Blue Moon Communications recognised that the first step was to foster greater unity among EIQA’s systems by aligning them under one new corporate identity.

The obvious vehicle was to re-activate the residual brand awareness of ‘The Q Mark’ The Nationally Recognised Symbol of Quality and Excellence.

Using a “top down, bottom up” approach, the team worked to align all employees to one single strategic vision for The Q Mark, We created the specific key messages for each of the company’s excellence programs and developed an action plan that could be applied to build new business for themselves and their clients, by using the benefits of The Q Marks’ growing prominence in the market place.

Other campaign initiatives included the implementation of a cluster campaign strategy,

The cluster campaign was comprised of:

  • New Brand Development And Residual Brand Interaction
  • Application Of The Umbrella Brand Across All Products, Services And Programmes
  • Cross Branded Marketing & PR Strategies
  • Media Relations – National, Regional, Trade, Online, Broadcast and Print
  • Key Message Development For Employees And Consumer Strategy
  • Market Expansion Strategies
  • Increased In-Store Footfall Campaign
  • Point Of Sale Marketing Materials
  • Merchandising
  • Creation, Design & Development Of The New Consumer Website

The Q Mark brand launch was a huge success and saw the first ever parade on Grafton Street in Dublin. Inspired by The Q Mark’s new visual identity and recognition of quality and excellence, more and more EIQA clients now display The Q Mark logo on their products and services to show that their products and services exceed the National and industry standards for quality and excellence.

The Q Mark Logo Suite

  • Q Mark logo
  • Q Able logo
  • Blue Q logo
  • HQ logo
  • GQ logo
  • IQ logo
  • Res Q logo

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