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Presentation Training

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A powerful presentation needs to be engaging, well structured and concise. It must have a specific objective in mind and ultimately it needs to guarantee you the outcome that you want.

Whether you’re speaking before an audience of thousands or just a few associates… in a sales presentation or a shareholders’ meeting… in a board room or a convention hall… We can help you to communicate with authority, conviction, style and ease.

At Blue Moon Communications we have created an easy and unique presentation system, which engages the science behind the best presentation strategies and messaging structures to teach you to sell yourself and your company, in any market, to maximum effect.

Blue Moon showed us how to re-structure and re-message to ignite positive interest from our prospects, which went on to achieve sales success that we had hardly dared to dream of. They really turned it around. Now we have successful, money making presentations every time.

Master Franchisee Business Owner

This course is a powerhouse of Master Stagecraft Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Voice Production, Audience Interaction Skills, Winning Q & A Structures and Powerful PowerPoint Interaction Skills which guarantee that your presentation does exactly what you need it to do.

The underlying goal of all training at Blue Moon Communications is to build confidence and control, because everyone can be taught to present in an engaging manner, which incorporates their own innate style and charisma.

We Will Train You to:

  • Create Strong, Engaging Presentations
  • Present With Confidence And Authority
  • Grab The Audiences Attention And Keep It
  • Persuade And Influence Your Audience
  • Use Subliminal Messaging
  • Use Pro-Active Single Messaging
  • Know What Loses The Interest Of Your Audience
  • Know What Holds The Interest Of Your Audience
  • Use PowerPoint Effectively
  • Use Powerful Images In A Productive Way
  • Understand How Some Images And Text Can Be Counter-Productive
  • Understand How Visual Text Should Be Written
  • Answer Questions In A Positive Way
  • Create ‘Easy To Remember’ Structures for Any Presentation
  • Create And Use ‘Easy To Follow’ Notes
  • Use Easy Techniques To Combat Your Nerves

Presentation Skills – Teams & individuals

  • Presentation Creation
  • Presentation Messaging
  • Presentation Presenting
  • Advanced Presentation Skills With Voice Coaching
  • Overcome Stage Fright And Nerves
  • Train The Trainer

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