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Sales Skills – Intermediate

The secret to being a success at anything… is to be great at sales

Carol Anne Lowe, MD
Blue Moon Communications

This course is for Business Owners, Independent Professionals or People in Sales or Marketing Management.

At Blue Moon Communications we have created an easy, unique sales system which engages the science behind selling, whilst showing you how to deliver the perfect sales pitch without ever using a ‘Hard Sell’

This course is an arsenal of Powerful Sales Strategies to blow your sales results through the roof.

I have to admit, I was sceptical. When I spend money, I want to see what I’m getting. But the results speak for themselves. I got three jobs yesterday that, to be honest, I wouldn’t even have had the nerve to ask for a month ago. But I just applied all the techniques you gave me and I came away with 3 new projects, one of which is really big. It was incredible.

Building Project Manager

When you know how to ask the right strategic questions & are trained to create a reality of trust and confidence in your customers, you are guaranteeing yourself the best advantage to hearing the most important word in sales, ‘Yes’

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create A Pre-Sales Action Plan
  • Initiate A Strong Sales Pitch
  • Get A ‘Yes’ Response
  • Close The Sale
  • Use Basic ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ Sales Techniques
  • Actively Engage Positive Sales Language
  • Apply Active Listening For Sales
  • Use Rapport Techniques

We only accept a small number of people on each course, so, you get a huge amount of one-on-one training.

Course Schedule Cost Course Duration Booking
Feb 21, 2018 €595 1 Day Book Course
Book Course
Mar 28, 2018 €595 1 Day Book Course
Book Course

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