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At Blue Moon Communications we know that in order to win more business, ensure your company’s future growth and compete with your competitors… You must invest in your sales teams.

That’s why we have created a powerhouse of Advanced Sales Strategies and Cast Iron Closings to blow your sales result’s through the roof.

Instinctively, people buy from people they like and no-body likes to be on the receiving end of a ‘hard sell’. That’s why we have created an easy, unique sales system that engages the science behind selling, whilst showing you how to deliver the pitch, without ever using a ‘Hard Sell’.

Carol Anne Lowe has conducted a variety of seminars and training for us. She possesses a rare talent as an expert teacher/communicator and her knowledge in the arena of human behaviour makes her a formidable trainer. When she says she can deliver… that is exactly what she does.

C.E.O – Services Corporation

When you know how to ask the right strategic questions and are trained to create a reality of trust and confidence in your customers, and when you know how to incorporate the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Advanced Negotiation Strategies and the strongest Sales Techniques available, you are guaranteeing yourself the best advantage to hearing the most important word in sales… ‘Yes’

We Will Train You to:

  • Create A Pre-Sales Action Plan
  • Initiate A Strong Sales Relationship
  • Get A ‘Yes’ Response
  • Actively Engage Positive Sales Language
  • Apply Active Listening For Sales
  • Use Rapport Techniques
  • Use Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming Sales Techniques
  • Develop ‘Customer Specific’ Sales Tools
  • Define ‘Sales Specific’ USP’s
  • Save The Lost Sale
  • Deal With Objections
  • Close The Sale Using Advanced Closing Techniques
  • Use Support Sales Material To Your Best Advantage

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