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Leadership Programme

The best money I’ve ever spent.

Business Owner

The best investment I have ever made in myself, for myself.

Managing Director – Services Company

Since working with Carol Anne Lowe and Blue Moon Communications I have recommended her to my wife, my two children, three of my relatives, my priest (who was terrified of speaking in public) a vast number of my colleagues, most of my friends and now I strongly recommend her to you! If you need to communicate ‘anything to anyone’ she is the one who can show you how.


Carol Anne Lowe is the best value my company has ever had. We hired her to help us make presentations but we now build her in to our budget every year. She and her team are now an intrinsic part of our continued business success on every front.

Managing Director – Services

Blue Moon Communications and the extraordinary skills of Carol Anne Lowe will change your life and give you the tools to be the best that you and your company can be.

Business Owner

Charismatic, dynamic and charming, Carol Anne Lowe combined an extraordinary arsenal of skills and abilities with her highly intelligent insight into human nature to deliver one of the most powerful seminars I have ever had the good luck to attend.

Vice President – US Corporation

I remember during a seminar hear Carol Anne Lowe say “Let Your Voice Be The Power Of Your Company”… well now it is! Our company brings in 100% more business now because we know what to say and how to say it.

Business Owner

Excellent value for money.

Business Owner – Insurance & Finance

Group Training

Training made easy! The team had a marvellous time and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Group Marketing Director

Carol Anne lowe has conducted a variety of seminars and training for us. She possesses a rare talent as an expert teacher/communicator and her knowledge in the arena of human behaviour makes her a formidable trainer. When she says she can deliver… that is exactly what she does.

C.E.O – Services Corporation

Absolutely and without doubt, Blue Moon Communications are worth the investment. Our results were immediately evident and our team is going from strength to strength. We fully intend extending Blue Moon training to every department.

H R Manager – Pharmaceuticals

This was our largest promotional event of the year and we were absolutely delighted with the degree of professionalism and superb logistical skills you provided, which ensured our success.

C.E.O Telecommunications UK

Excellent work, our team is so confident now. Our presentations are at a completely new level which is showing strongly in our profits. I would also like to congratulate you on the calibre of your staff who were a great credit to you and a pleasure to work with. I sincerely hope that we can work together again.

C.E.O Car Manufacturer – Germany

I’ve worked with Carol Anne on a number of occasions in the area of presentation skills and public speaking training. I find Carol Anne to be a person of the highest integrity and professionalism. She thinks of everything, attends to every detail impeccably and always over delivers on my expectations. She is also a lovely person and it’s fun working with her.

Managing Director – Recruitment

I would urge anyone who has the opportunity to do work with Blue Moon Communications to do so. Whether you have your own company or work within another, you will learn far more than you can possibly imagine – both about yourself and how others present themselves in everyday business situations.

Business Owner – Retail

Carol Anne Lowe and her team have a tireless and selfless work ethic combined with a remarkable spirit of integrity. A real winning combination.

Managing Director – Insurance Corporation

Individual Training

I can hardly believe that was me up there! I’ve always been so nervous in the past, but last night I felt like I could take on the world !!

Vice President – Banking

My ability to communicate with the media has changed unbelievably in the most positive way. Although I was always confident in my business skills, I was never confident in my personal ability to promote my organisation. But Blue Moon Communications has changed that. I now readily offer myself for interview on TV and Radio and do so with a feeling of confidence and who would have guessed it… I’m actually really good at it!

Manager – Public Organisation

This was the best money I’ve ever spent. I can already see a huge change in my sales techniques. I’ve never felt so sure of myself and I’ve never closed so many deals in one week.

Car Sales Representative

It is easy to forget that in a smaller company you are the brand. Blue Moon re-focused me and sharpened my awareness of both my brand and the power I have to market it.

Business Owner – Retail

Thank you, I never knew that I could be that good!


Excellent ! I really appreciate the clarity that Blue Moon Communications has brought to my thinking. I’ve learned a lot from your direction and expertise. You are truly extraordinary.

Company Owner – Retail

Carol Anne Lowe possesses a remarkable insight into human behaviour. In all honesty our company could never have achieved the successes of the past year without her. She is now integrated as a MUST on our budget every year as she constantly improves our bottom line. We initially hired her as a communications mentor but her business strategist expertise has guaranteed our survival in a very difficult year.

Company Owner – Retail

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

I made the same presentation twice on the same day. In the morning, I was considered ‘just another presenter’ and I had a handful of people there. But by the afternoon, word had got round how great and interesting and entertaining the presentation was and I had treble the number of people. I even had the other presenters coming in and taking notes !! Thank you for really making me BE THE BEST – my competitors were actually on the phone the next day asking for copies of my presentation!!!

Networking Expert

When buying our franchise we paid heavily for the American/European ‘Maximum Impact’ presentation slides & sales pitch, but it was a DUD! It just wasn’t doing any business for us… in fact it was turning our prospects off big time. Blue Moon showed us how to re-structure & re-message to ignite positive interest from our prospects which went on to achieve sales which we had hardly dared to dream of. They really turned it around. Now we have successful presentations every time

Master Franchisee Business Owner

There was only one thing standing in the way of me & my dream job …… Public Speaking! The contract was on the table waiting to be signed but all I could see was the various events that needed me to be on the stage and addressing gatherings of up to 1,000 people. The solution soon appeared in the form of Carol Anne Lowe of Blue Moon communications & how lucky was I!

Managing Director – Services

Carol Anne Lowe was at Dublin Castle presenting to 400 noisy men who’d had too much wine with their dinner. A really noisy bunch. But my God you could have heard a pin drop in the hush she got from the room when she started to speak. I went up afterwards and asked if she could teach me to mesmerise a room like that or was she just born with that skill. To which she replied: “Anyone can do that, you could do it, it’s easy. I’ll teach you how.” And by God she did.

Political Leader

Thank you for giving me a more business-like structure to my presentation. Thank you for giving me the skills to make a presentation that no-one will forget (including me) and Thank you, thank you, thank you for the 4 jobs I just got (and I’ve been asked to make 2 more presentations of my business on the basis of Wednesdays one !)

Cosmetic Franchise Owner

I gave an exceptional presentation to over 800 people; I was confident & came across as an accomplished presenter and had everyone on their feet not once but twice, thanks to my magnificent communications mentor Carol Anne Lowe.

Managing Director – services

Carol Anne’s style is very relaxed, professional, encouraging & inspiring. Her coaching is at all times supportive and non-judgemental. I am experiencing fantastic results after only 3 weeks! I would highly recommend Carol Anne & Bluemoon communications to other companies and individuals who want to improve their communication style.

Managing Director SME

Please accept my grateful thanks for the results achieved. I have only had two sessions so far but I felt very proud of my achievement in giving a report to a group of several hundred people at just one days notice. I know that without Carol Anne’s involvement I probably would not have been aware of the boring format and delivery my original speech would have taken. I look forward to the further improvements that Carol Anne can achieve for me. The results after two sessions have already been money well spent.

Managing Director – Manufacturing Company

Carol Anne is amazing & the support team in Blue Moon are fantastic so if you are looking to improve your communications skills, just pick up the phone. I did and it’s the best thing I have ever done, both for me and my career.

Executive – Pharmaceutical Company

I have to admit, I was sceptical. When I spend money, I want to see what I’m getting. But the results speak for themselves. The rapport techniques you taught me actually work! I got three jobs yesterday that, to be honest, I wouldn’t even have had the nerve to ask for a month ago. But I just sailed in to (name withheld) office and applied all the techniques you gave me and I came away with 3 new projects, one of which is really big. It was incredible.

Building Project Manager

I didn’t realise how much I could learn in a short period of time and put to immediate use. Having done just 2 sessions with Carol Anne to date, I’m “buzzed up” and already putting the techniques I’ve learned to use. I have no doubt that these skills will be of tremendous benefit to my business and personal life.

Manager – Finance

Job Interview Skills

Thank you!!!! I had two very good interviews, the best ever. I kept to the specifics and cut out on ‘my theory’….it worked!! I have a job!!

Newly Employed

I know I can say I was quite simply meant to meet you, and indeed attend your amazing interviews seminar. Thank you so much for ALL your advice/tips and support. You confirmed too what I needed to know…’.that I could do it’ ….and I did!!

Newly Employed

To say Thank you, is kinda like an under-statement! Truly, I am sure I speak for others when I say that you transformed my thinking. You are such an inspiration.

Newly Employed